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Carlette Patterson,
Founder & CEO

Jane Cebrynski,
Sports Life Coach

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Sports Life Coach

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Master Sports Life Coach

Mark Everard,
Sports Life Coach and Private Guide

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Sports Life Coach

Joi Williams,
Sports Life Coach

Jane Cebrynski Jane Cebrynski joined Patterson Sports Ventures after completing the Sports Life Coaching Certification in 2018.

Jane found her way to PSV during a challenging time of transition both personally and professionally. The experience was life changing. It was through the coaching that Jane began to rediscover her truest self, while gaining new skills, new thinking and new hope which have continued to help her strive to live her best life. As a result of Jane's career experiences and through the power of her personal story, she embarked on a new career, coaching those who want to live their best life in 3 Dimensions: "4 Success," "4 Significance" and "4 Service."

Jane recently fulfilled another goal by becoming a Certified Chief Wellbeing Officer which allows her to provide greater support working with organizations for the development of healthy employees in all dimensions of their lives to make a positive impact on the bottom line.

Jane is mother of 3 young men, and is a yoga instructor, a licensed real estate agent, and volunteer. While Jane has had diverse professional experiences, the consistent thread is her passion for helping others. Utilizing the 3D Sports Life Coaching Tools, Jane helps others become their best: professionally, personally and philanthropically.

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