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Patterson Sports Ventures is a company committed to equipping people to win in their lives in three dimensions (3D) - Personally, Professionally, and Philanthropically. Three-Dimensional Coaching and Training creates high-performance results because it is driven by meaningful relationships, underpinned by character, and anchored in purpose.


The desired outcome of 3D Coaching and Training is to achieve balance between personal wellbeing in our lives, professional legacy in our work, and philanthropical influence in our world.


3D Coaching and Training is the foundation for all of Patterson Sports Ventures' brands, which have been implemented in the US, New Zealand, and Australia, for thousands of professional and collegiate athletes, coaches, teams, corporations, and executives.

Life Coaching

Dr. Martha Beck
New York Times best-selling author, an innovator in life coaching, and a monthly columnist at O:
The Oprah Magazine

"Carlette's years spent in highly competitive athletic training has made her disciplined and direct, she will take you to places you never thought possible. Carlette's sense of humor is endless, her warmth, genuine honesty and character reveal a woman who has been through the process of building and rebuilding a life worth living. She is a woman who has truly found her North Star. I am honored to have worked with Carlette and recommend her as your personal Life Coach to help you find your North Star."

Sports Life Coaching for Athletes

Retired NFL Player

"As a former pro football player who has gone through numerous major life adjustments, I recommend Sports Life Coaching to all athletes who have a passion for sports and want to find out if other passions exist inside them that must be honored."

Sports Life Coaching for Coaches and Teams

Charli Turner Thorne
Retired Head Coach ASU Women's Basketball
The winningest coach in ASU women's basketball history and No. 2 in the Pac-12 in most career wins (504)

"Carlette Patterson is truly a 'life coach' who will change your life in all the right ways. She absolutely understands how to help people of all ages and backgrounds build character and successful behavior. She has had a tremendous impact on our ASU Women's Basketball program through both one-on-one life coaching and facilitating positive healthy relationships in team sessions. She is masterful at helping us uncover our strengths but even more importantly, she gives us the 'tools' to improve our weaknesses and to handle adverse situations. She has been an integral part of our team's growth into a Top 10 Program."

Career Transition Coaching

Floyd P. Bienstock
Partner, International Law Firm

"I went to Carlette for corporate coaching. I started working with her to develop a plan to transition from the head of a practice group at a major international law firm toward retirement several years down the road. Carlette has not only helped me develop and begin to implement such a plan, she has made me a more effective leader and more effective at the legal work I do on a day-to-day basis. I never thought I would benefit from working with a corporate coach. Now I only wish I had found Carlette sooner."

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