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In 1998, Steve and Carlette Patterson created Patterson Sports Ventures (PSV). The vision of the company is to be an “Agent of Change” by connecting professional athletes and teams with social causes- igniting the power and passion of sports with non-profit purpose. Together, they built a company dedicated to cause-related marketing for professional athletes, sports philanthropy, CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching®, and sports ministries.


On July 28, 2004, Steve died of cancer. He lived a life dedicated to serving others. His legacy included: playing on three NCAA basketball championship teams at UCLA, playing for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls, being head Basketball Coach at Santa Rosa Junior College and Arizona State University, founder and Executive Director of the Grand Canyon State Games, serving as President/Chief Executive Officer of the Super Bowl XXX Committee, and was the Commissioner of the Continental Basketball Association. 


In 2004 Carlette became CEO of Patterson Sports Ventures. Carlette has 30+years of senior leadership in business and sports organizations with comprehensive experience in business, sports leadership, transition, and wellbeing. By partnering with corporations, sports, and philanthropic entities, Carlette teams up to coach and train how to implement leadership strategies for Change Management and Professional Development for executives, corporations, athletes, coaches, and teams. 


Carlette has expanded Patterson Sports Ventures’ to include Personal, Professional, and Philanthropic Brands:

  • CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching and Certification®

  • Champion Wellbeing®

  • Chief Wellbeing  Officers and Certification®

  • MeQ®

  • Life Training Academy

  • Sports Philanthropy League©

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