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Patterson Sports Ventures

High-Perfomance Wellbeing. Intentional. Competitive Greatness

In the last 30 years, Patterson Sports Ventures has pioneered coaching and training, utilizing the best practices from sports, business and education. Patterson Sports Ventures coaching and training have been implemented globally with corporations, executives, and professionals as well as collegiate athletes, coaches, university teams, professional sports organizations, and philanthropic organizations.

“Training is a way of thinking. It can uncover hidden opportunities and create meaningful change.

Training done right delivers the extraordinary.” Carlette Patterson

Get Coached and Train to W.I.N. Your Life- 3D




Relationships Influence and Inspire

Character Creates Champions

Purpose Empowers



 Patterson Sports Ventures’ Three-Dimensional Training: Personal, Professional, Philanthropic


Based on the values of

Relationships, Character, Purpose

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sports life coaching®

  • Implemented Globally

  • 10 Universities

  • 10 Corporations

  • 1,000’s of U.S. and International Professional Athletes & Coaches

  • 1,000’s of U.S. and International Collegiate Athletes & Coaches

  • High Performance Sport, New Zealand

  • National Rugby League, Australia

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About Our Brand

Hear From Others

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"Carlette quickly identifies the unique talents that every individual has, but few recognize. She has a wonderful gift of encouragement enabling her to quickly bring out the best in people. Carlette is a great asset to any organization. We think she is the best"

- Murray Thom
CEO Thom Music

Murray Thom

CEO Thom Music

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Susan M. Suver

Former Executive: Aptiv PLC

"In spring 2017, I began working with Carlette as I was beginning to prepare for my retirement. I'm a very 'outcomes-based' business executive, and I wanted a coach who could take me through an efficient process that would facilitate a number of important decisions:

"1) I traveled internationally 80% of the time, and worked 80 hours a week, leaving me little time to focus on what I wanted to do when I retired. Carlette and I spoke weekly for an hour, and the discipline of this weekly schedule allowed me to create time/space to thoughtfully explore my next steps. I typically had a bit of 'homework' after each meeting, and it let me approach my transition plan thoughtfully and over a period of time to ensure it was the right fit for me.

"2) I had an obligation to advise my CEO/Board to allow for orderly succession planning in advance of my retirement. Carlette was instrumental in helping me to develop crisp messages to the CEO and Board. I was retiring much earlier than my peers in the company, so articulating the rationale and timing to the CEO was critical.

"3) My upcoming retirement was announced 6 months before my retirement took effect. Once the news was public, I began getting approached by external search firms, consulting firms and professional organizations who were interested in my capabilities for external Boards, consulting projects and non-profit work. I wanted to retire and take a 6-12 month break before I started making any future commitments. Carlette was key in helping me differentiate between what I 'wanted' to do vs. what I 'should' do, and to set expectations with outside parties about my timing and readiness for future opportunities.

"4) My husband is an entrepreneur and is not ready to retire yet so it was important for me to create a plan that gave me structure and flexibility to accommodate both of our interests.

"Carlette uses a very focused process to help you explore your interests, motivations and options, and to set reasonable expectations for yourself about each season of retirement; She quickly earned my trust, and her process and experience have been invaluable. I retired 5 months ago, and the expectations I set for myself are playing out as we discussed them. I continue to move through various seasons of my retirement, and know that I could not have been truly prepared without Carlette's expert coaching."

- Susan M. Suver
Former Executive: Aptiv PLC

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"I went to Carlette for corporate coaching on the recommendation of a fellow school board member who is one of the most respected businessmen in the Phoenix area. He steered me right. I started working with Carlette to develop a plan to transition from the head of a practice group at a major international law firm toward retirement several years down the road. Carlette has not only helped me develop and begin to implement such a plan, she has made me a more effective leader and more effective at the legal work I do on a day to day basis. I never thought I would benefit from working with a corporate coach. Now I only wish I had found Carlette sooner."

- Floyd P. Bienstock

Floyd P. Bienstock


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"I never understood the concepts of being fully engaged both on and off the field in the business world. Carlette's methodology provided me with tools necessary to understand the importance of being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced. Once you understand these concepts, be ready to convert your energy into a richer, more complete life experience."

- Tom Radic
Entrepreneur and former Goldman Sachs Executive

Tom Radic

Entrepreneur and former Goldman Sachs Executive