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10 Club Retreats

The Power of Play Retreat

A Trip to Mexico With Carlette Patterson

Are you interested in a Wellbeing Retreat? Carlette creates personalized Wellbeing Retreats hosted at the Palace, a private residence in Manzanillo, Mexico. The retreat offers the sea, sunshine, and the authentic traditions of southern Mexican culture. It is the ideal destination to enjoy deep-sea fishing, sailing, tennis, golf, horseback riding, kayaking and more. Palace by the Sea is close to two world-class championship golf courses, shopping, and fine dining. The gated community of La Punta offers a private beach with pool, private beach access, and tennis courts.

Cheers to Celebrating the Power of Play!

10 Club New Zealand Adventure

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"To travel is to take a journey into yourself." -Dena Kaye

A New Zealand Trip With Carlette Patterson and Mark Everard: The Trifecta

Step into the lives of people around the world that are living their lives for Success, Significance and Service. Experience the Power of Adventure Retreats by getting out of your life and stepping into someone else's - by hearing their stories and sharing their culture- you find yourself in their story. This experiential adventure opens your mind to new thinking, inspires your heart for new hope and gives you the courage to try new skills as your embrace the power of your story.

New Zealand offers you the ultimate outdoor playground, a country 100 times smaller in scale than America - making it an ideal destination for you to explore and experience resting, recovering, re-energizing and reflecting on your 10 Life. The desired outcomes of the Club 10 New Zealand Adventure are 10 days of experiences incorporating access to New Zealand's most influential "Agents of Change" - hear their stories as you share fabulous food and wine, active fun, rest and recovery and adventures that awaken lifelong learning. This experience is exclusive to Club 10 members. Each day you will experience six healthy, well-being principles of real food, movement, rest and recovery, community, lifelong learning and Life Coaching.

All Retreats are designed for private groups of 10 or more people.


"I have enjoyed and benefited from Carlette's coaching for years and my family and I have toured New Zealand with Mark. I can't think of a better combination than visiting a world class destination like New Zealand with Mark and Carlette. Mark is a pleasure to travel with and to get to know on a road trip. He will share experiences in his native New Zealand with you that only a well-connected local with impeccable taste could. I had visited New Zealand twice before my family's trip with Mark and it was a whole new experience touring this gem in Oceania with him. We got more insight into the culture and experienced aspects of the awe inspiring geography that we didn't come close to experiencing with other tour companies. Add Carlette into the mix to provide fresh insights on how to live the 10 life you really desire and I can't think of a better life experience to have in such a magical place."

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