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10 Talks CONVERSAT10N-

Giving Hope 2 Single Parents and Children Raised by

Single Parents

Carlette Patterson, Head Sports Life Coach® and Sanja Tomasevic & Audrey Valentina, Sports Life Coaches® will share their G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. Project - HEAR10. The desired outcome is to inspire and introduce new thinking to the next single parent and children raised by single parents. We are honored to share with you the presentation and the Power of Audrey and Sanja’s stories.


Winning Strategies:

  • Use the Power of a Support Team. Asking for help is a great sign of strength. It takes a village; find your village, be vulnerable, and lean on them in times of need.

  • Own Your Truth. The moment you own and honor your truth, you can begin investing all your energy toward creating a 10 Life for you, your family, or whoever else you surround yourself with. Everyone deserves a chance to heal from the pain they did not ask for, and it begins with truth. 

  • “I will not be a statistic because now I make my own stats”. Embrace the mindset that you are in control of your own life and the present moment. Recognize the Power of Choice and remember that you are not a number; you are a human being. You and your life matter!

10 Talks CONVERSAT10N-

Celebrating the Power of Team

Join Carlette Patterson, Head Sports Life Coach® & CEO of Patterson Sports Ventures®; Karina Falkstrom, Brand Manager; Brittany Abercrombie, 10 Talks Producer and Video Editor; Raymariely Santos, Athlete 2 Athlete Specialist and Sports Life Coach®; and Abbi Moyer, former Social Media Manager for a CELEBRAT10N! Hear about each journey of our team members in their TRANSIT10NS, their stories of joining the PSV team, and congratulating them on all they have accomplished. We greatly appreciate all of your dedication and commitment to making this brand a 10 and giving hope to the rest of the world through your work. Thank you 10 Team!

Cover Celebrating Jane.png

10 Talks CONVERSAT10N-

From Idea to Reality!

Join us in celebrating Jane Cebrynski, Chief Wellbeing Officer® and her book, “Engaging Speakers: Voices of Impact” as a Contributing Author! We are so proud of your continuous commitment to yourself and your journey to Winning Wellbeing. Your gifts you give to the world are greatly appreciated and life-changing. Thank you Jane!


  • Go for what matters to you and embrace the journey going from fear 2 faith. 

  • Everyone is having their own life experiences. How can we be in a space of loving instead of judging those around us?

  • The gift you can give to the next generation is to live an INTENT10NAL 3D LIFE!

  • Grief is the beginning of healing.

Brand Manager Karina Falkstrom

Athlete 2 Athlete Specialist Raymariely Santos

10 Talks Podcast Producer Brittany Abercrombie

Former Social Media Manager Abbi Moyer

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